Planning and Community Development

The 2021 Land Use Code will be in effect starting April 1, 2021.  The moratorium on applications will also end on April 1.  Links to the Land Use Code and interactive zoning maps are located below and on the Delta County Land Use Code web page.

Pre-Application Required Before Applying

Before beginning any development review process in unincorporated Delta County, talk with Planning Staff to complete a Pre-Application Form that will help assess if a pre-application conference is required before applying (Pre-Application Form available online on the Permit Information web page.

New Land Use Code Links

Resolution 2021-R-001 Adopting Land Use Code
Land Use Code
Land Use Code Zoning Maps

Mission Statement

The Department of Planning and Community Development is determined to:

  • Protect our values and lifestyles
  • Preserve our way of life and natural resources
  • Promote our citizens and industry
  • Participate in creating a place and environment where we can prosper and play