Records Management

The Records Unit is the support staff for the Delta County Sheriff’s Office. The Records Unit consists of a Custodian of Records and two Records Clerks. All services of the Records Unit impact the day-to-day operations of the Sheriff’s Office, including the Detention Facility.

The front counter is often a citizen’s first point of contact with the Sheriff’s Office, whether it is on the phone or in person. The degree of knowledge, courtesy and efficiency extended to each person or situation leaves a lasting impression and may affect the outcome of a difficult situation to the point of ensuring a prompt response by a deputy or simply providing accurate information.

The Records Unit satisfies statutory responsibilities, such as release and storage of records. Records dissemination for the public and other agencies is done according to Colorado statutes.

Request a Record or Report

  • You must first complete a Request for Records form and pay the required $5 “non-refundable” research fee before a search of your record or report can be made. This form can be downloaded or you can request the form at the Sheriff’s office.
  • The “research” fee includes the first four pages of a report. Check the fees listed on the form for additional fee information for 911 dispatch tapes, photographs, additional records, and/or additional pages of a report.
  • Records will not be released until all fees are paid as authorized by C.R.S. 24-72-306. Also, make sure to read and sign the “Pecuniary Gain” affirmation on the Request for Records form. Failure to sign this will result in denial of records as authorized by C.R.S. 24-72-305.5.
  • Drop off or mail the form to the Sheriff’s Office at the address listed on the form (along with the required fee). Payment currently accepted is cash, check or money order. Check with our office if you are unsure of the fee.
  • The timeframe for releasing records varies from 3 to 7 business days. We will do our best to release a record as soon as reasonably possible. Please contact our office with any questions.
  • Requests for background checks for employment, housing, etc can be made at any time in person during normal business hours and are generally processed while you wait. A government issued picture ID is required.
  • Reports can be picked up at the Sheriff’s Office. As long as all fees have been paid, reports can be mailed, emailed or faxed (as long as the report is under ten pages).

Records That Can Be Released

  • LOCAL BACKGROUND CHECKS (Records of Official Action) for housing, employment, etc: We can only conduct a check for Delta County. If you require a criminal background check (anything outside of Delta County), you will need to contact the Colorado Bureau of Investigation at

  • LAW ENFORCEMENT RECORDS (Criminal Justice Records) which include 911 tapes, photos: We can only release records that are in the custody and control and which are investigated by the Delta County Sheriff’s Office. If your reported incident was covered by another agency, you will need to contact that agency for the record or report.

  • SEX OFFENDER REGISTRATION: You can also access this and the statewide registry from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation website’s main page at

Records That Cannot Be Released

  • Records that are contrary to State statute - C.R.S. 24-72-305 (1)(a).
  • Records that are contrary to Court order - C.R.S. 24-72-305 (1(b).
  • Records that are contrary to the public interest - C.R.S. 23-72-305 (5).
    • This includes Juvenile records which are generally closed - C.R.S. 19-1-302
    • However, there are exceptions - C.R.S. 19-1-304 (2)(a).


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