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Thinking of having a booth at Applefest? Pickin' in the Park? Deltarado Days? If you want to serve food at a festival, fair, or fund-raising event, you are required to obtain a Retail Food Establishment License (in most cases.) Your facilities for preparing, storing, and serving food must meet the requirements of the Colorado State Retail Food Establishment Regulations.

As described in Group Gathering Areas 6 CCR 1010-10, "Food service activities, not required to have a restaurant license under Article 44 of Title 12, CRS 1972, shall conduct food service operations in conformance to the physical and operational requirements of the Colorado Restaurant Sanitation Laws, Rules and Regulations."

To provide food at a "special" or "temporary" event in Delta County, all vendors must hold a Mobile Unit retail food license OR obtain a Temporary Event Food Service license (i.e. tent/table setup). Delta County WILL recognize Temporary Event Food Service Licensees and Mobile Unit Licensees from other counties. This is a ONE-TIME permit for events in 2022.  Restaurants, grocery deli's, etc...will still need to apply for a Temporary permit as they have not already been licensed for "off-premises" or "mobile" operations. If your organization is a non-profit, please contact us to obtain a non-profit retail food license.

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Industry Food Safety Resources

  1. Quick Reference Resources
  2. Licensing Requirements
  3. Food Handler Training
  4. Food Production & Cottage Food
  5. Inspections 

Consumer Food Safety

  1. Food-Related Complaints
  2. Foodborne Illness
  3. Temporary Food Service Events
  4. Preventing Contamination

What should I do if I have concerns about a restaurant or grocery store? Or if someone appears to be unlawfully selling a food item?

  • Contact the food service establishment and advise them of your concerns.
  • Call the Environmental Health Division, (970) 874-2165, to report your concerns. The complaints can be made anonymously, and inspectors will promptly inquire and inspect the subject business. As much information as you know regarding your concerns must be made available to the Division so a complete investigation may be made. Please leave your name and number with the Division for follow-up; or
  • Fill out and submit the online Restaurant Complaint Form.