SB-94 Program

Program Overview

Delta County’s SB-94 Juvenile Services Program was established to fulfill the goals of Colorado Senate Bill 91-94. This bill, when signed into law, paved the way for local counties to provide a continuum of youth detention services for juvenile offenders. (For more information, see “Senate Bill 94”)

Between 1992 and 2003, these services were provided in Delta County through a Community Evaluation Team (CET) working with private contract providers. In July, 2003, Delta County Commissioners contracted with the 7th Judicial District to provide SB-94 Services in Delta County. Since that time, the program has expanded as funding has become available to include three part-time employees who provide the following programs:
  • Juvenile Intake Screening and Assessment for youth arrested on more serious charges by any of the law enforcement agencies in the county
  • Pre-adjudication Services (PASP) for youth who do not need secure or staff-secure detention or placement in other residential facilities, but need intensive supervision while remaining in the community to provide both community and personal protection
  • Case management and Multi-Agency assessment and evaluation through the Delta County Community Evaluation Team (CET)
  • Tracking with Electronic Home Monitoring of youth referred by the court, probation, or the CET (both adjudicated and pre-adjudicated)
  • A Restitution Work Crew (RWC) which provides supervised work experiences in the community and provides youth with a means to earn funds which are paid to the court for required restitution and court-related charges and compensation for victims.