Business Guidance

Event Gatherings

Group Gatherings - are groups of people meeting together such as a church picnic, family gathering, club meeting, etc. which are limited to 50 persons. They may meet in a park pavilion with 6-feetsocial distancing, face masks, sanitizing, hand washing etc. without an approved plan unless they have over 50 people, then they need a plan reviewed and approved by the Health Department.  See the event plan application for more information. 


Events - are assemblies that will attract the public. They are planned by an organizer such as the Chamber, Grand Mesa Arts Council or the Pondy Cancer Warriors, etc. They are limited for up to 250 participants outdoors and up to 175 participants indoor provided that they have a plan submitted to the Health Department 3 weeks before the event if they plan to have over 50 participants.  See the event plan application for more information. 


Event organizer or parks departments are asked to provide COVID safety guidance to everyone who reserves the park pavilion or rooms in a facility. Also, please post posters in the facility toremind people to follow safe practices.

Business Guidance

To help facilitate the reopening process for businesses in Delta County and to adhere to requirements set out in Governor Polis’ "Safer at Home" Executive Order and State Public Health Orders, all businesses that haven’t been open must do the following: 

  1. Review the Delta County Safer at Home Phase 1 Business Reopening Plan.
  2. Complete the Checklist for Reopening (link to the Checklist is in the Plan document).
  3. Select the "Submit" button and your checklist will be submitted to the Health Department.  

A copy will be kept on file by the Health Department to demonstrate you are in compliance with the Govenor’s Executive Order and CDPHE’s Public Health Order.  An explanation of why any measure is not implemented or inapplicable to the business must be provided.  Enforcement will be handled on a complaint basis.  You will be contacted by the Health Department if preventative measures are not in line with the Public Health Order 20-28 and Executive Order D 2020 044.

For more information, see the list of Colorado Executive and Public Health Orders regarding the State’s COVID-19 response.

Industry Specific Guidance

See the Colorado COVID-19 Safer at Home web page -- industry-specific guidance is available in the left-hand menu of the page.

Delta County Business Recovery Center

The Delta County Business Recovery Center is focused on increasing communication between all agencies and organizations involved in economic and business development. This group is working to identify business needs and mobilize resources to address the needs of Delta County Businesses. Specifically, the Business Recovery Center is focused on providing access to timely information and business resources, county-wide marketing, and data gathering.

To contact the Business Resource Center, email

Delta County is Open For Business Marketing Campaigns

List of Open Delta County Businesses & Hours of Operation: Delta County Businesses that are open are invited to share their hours of operations and any special instructions for their customers!

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