Rogers Mesa Access Control Plan

The County has partnered with CDOT and Stolfus & Associates consulting to perform an access control plan on Highway 92 on Rogers Mesa. The project has begun and is expected to take about one year, with completion expected in the fall of 2017. The project will review the existing access situation in the area with the intention of developing a plan for improving safety and access to the highway.

On March 6th, 2017, the Board of Commissioners were introduced to the Rogers Mesa Access Control Plan project with a presentation provided by the consultants, Stolfus & Associates. Stolfus has been hired to develop the plan in a working arrangement that includes the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and Delta County. Representatives of all three entities were on hand for the meeting. The project includes within its scope, consideration of a roadway design improvement project in addition to the access control plan project to occur in the same highway length of the study. The roadway project is thought to be possible in the near term, but no construction start date has been set.

The presentation explains the scope and need for the project, the process by which it will be developed, the proposed schedule, and some draft design concepts under consideration.

The Board of County Commissioners concluded the meeting by agreeing to the primary mission of the project and recommending it proceed for development to include public process review and input.


Below are links that allow you to participate in the project and provide a chance to share your opinion about the plans, suggest changes, or point out issues. Note, there are two project plans that make up the project: an interim and the long-term (or final) plan. The reason for this is due to CDOT’s intention to do improvements to the roadway in this area in the near term (within the next ten years, depending on budgetary constraints). The improvement project will change the design and upgrade the roadway on Rogers Mesa and will include changes presented in the interim plan as part of that project.

The long-term plan establishes goals beyond the improvement project that happens as opportunity or need presents itself. One would be looking at a 25-year or more time frame for this scope of the project.

Both the interim and the long-term plan maps allow you to go to exact locations and leave comments or suggestions – as many as you care to.

The public survey allows you to provide your thoughts and opinions on the overall project.

Please use any or all of these tools to provide us with your thoughts. Constructive comments will all be taken into consideration toward a final design. It is important to point out that all plans presented here are proposed and not final. Your input will be considered as these plans develop to a final stage.

Concept Design
Interim Plan
Long-Range Plan
Public Survey

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