Violation #9 Food Labeling/Food Protection

A. Food Labeling, Food Protection: Original Container, Properly Labeled

The identity of a food’s origin and composition is important when tracing its source if implicated in a foodborne illness or if under recall. Ingredient information is needed by consumers who have allergies to certain foods or food ingredients. Bulk ingredients, such as flour, sugar, and salt, that have been removed from their original containers must be labeled so they are not mistaken for similar looking ingredients and chemicals.

B. Food Labeling, Food Protection: Food Protected from Contamination

Disease-causing organisms can contaminate and/or grow in food that is not stored properly. Drips from condensation and drafts of unfiltered air can be sources of microbial contamination for stored foods. Shoes carry contamination onto the floors of food preparation and storage areas.

Raw meats and poultry can contaminate cooked and ready-to-eat foods if stored above these ready-to-eat items. Even trace amounts of refuse or wastes present in toilet rooms, rooms used for dressing, storing garbage or tools, or rooms housing machinery can become sources of food contamination.


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