The Elections Office is under the direction of the Delta County Clerk and is located within the Clerk and Recorder’s Office at the Delta County Courthouse. 


Voter Registration Information
Notice of Election Information
Information on Becoming a Candidate
Candidate Qualifications and Ballot Access
Precinct/Polling Maps for Delta area
Precinct/Polling Maps for Surface Creek area
Precinct/Polling Maps for North Fork area
County Commissioners Districts Map
Voter Turnout Reports - All data comes from the Colorado SCORE statewide voter registration database.  Updated once every business day only during an active election cycle after mail-in ballots are mailed. Contains information regarding voters who received ballots and those who have returned a mail ballot or voted in-person.

Election Results

Prior Election Results
2012 General Election
2013 Coordinated Election
2014 Municipal Election
2014 Special District Election
2014 Primary Election
2014 General Election
2015 General Election
2016 Municipal Election
2016 Primary Election
2016 General Election
2016 General Election Precinct Breakdown
2017 Coordinated Election
2018 Municipal Election
2018 Special District Election
2018 Primary Election
2018 General Election
2018 General Election Precinct Breakdown
2019 Coordinated Election
2020 Paonia Special Election
2020 Presidential Primary Election
2020 Municipal Election
2020 Special District Election
2020 Primary Election
2020 General Election
2020 General Election Precinct Breakdown