Mission Statement
To provide a safe and healthy community for present and future generation by:
• Providing equitable and quality service to all
• Treating each other with respect and dignity
• Acting with fiscal responsibility

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Notice to an Owner in Foreclosure
If your property goes to foreclosure auction sale and is purchased for more than the total owed to the lender and to all other lien holders, please contact the Public Trustee’s Office (at the phone number or address to the right) after the sale because you may have funds due to you. 

If a borrower believes that a lender or servicer has violated the requirements for a single point of contact in Section 38-38-103.1, C.R.S., or the prohibition on dual tracking in Section 38-38-103.2, C.R.S., the borrower may file a complaint with the Colorado Attorney General, the Federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), or both. The filing of a complaint will not stop the foreclosure process.

Colorado Attorney General
1300 Broadway, 10th Floor
Denver, Colorado 80203
(800) 222-4444

Federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
P.O. Box 4503
Iowa City, Iowa 52244
(855) 411-2372

Contact Information 
Lisa J. Tafoya
Treasurer and Public Trustee
501 Palmer Street, Suite 202
Delta, CO 81416

Ph: (970) 874-2135
Fx: (970) 874-2141  

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm