Food Safety

The Environmental Health Division is responsible for the inspection of all restaurants and retail markets in Delta County. The Division makes inspections, performs investigations, and enforces compliance with State laws and regulations, and also provides technical expertise and training for the food service industry in Delta County. The Division also investigates all complaints, reports of food-borne illness and food related health problems.

Food Manufacturing

Food that is prepared for human consumption must be made in a licensed inspected commercial kitchen. Food may not be prepared in a home kitchen for sale to the public. The Colorado Food Manufacturing Regulations must be followed for such a facility.

Food that is warehoused and stored for human consumption must be kept under sanitary conditions. Inspectors make routine inspections of these facilities. All food packaged for sale must be labeled in accordance with the Colorado Labeling Guidelines, and if the food is shipped interstate, it must meet the Food And Drug Administration labeling regulations.


If you are interested in receiving more training in food safety, either to comply with the Cottage Food regulation, or for training in the food service industry, the Delta County Health Department offers a self-paced food handlers class for $10.00. This involves a pre- and post-test, and a booklet that follows along with the DVD. After successful completion of the course, a food handlers card is issued, good for two years. The following links may also be helpful: