Tracking Program

Tracking With Electronic Home Monitoring

The Tracking Program is a function of the SB-94 Program, and may include any one or a combination of pre-trial, probation, and school tracking services. Upon receipt of an appropriate referral for tracking services, the tracker will carry out the following functions and responsibilities:
  • Maintain a 24-hour, 7 day a week on-call status for the youth, family and purposes of Electronic Home Monitoring.
  • Provide case management for youth under supervision to ensure completion of court ordered programs.
  • Report to Probation, Courts, and District Attorney or other appropriate agency regarding progress and/or violations of youth under supervision.
In carrying out the aforementioned functions, the Tracker will interact with the youth and family two or three times per week, or as specified in the service plan as generated by the CET staffing. These interactions may be in the form of announced as well as unannounced visits to the home and/or school the youth attends on an “as needed” basis. The Tracker will track attendance, behavior and grades in school of the youth.

If the youth is not attending school, the Tracker will track the youth’s progress in whatever day program the youth is involved in, in accordance with order of the court, e.g., employment, home schooling, etc. The Tracker will monitor compliance with Electronic Home Monitoring if such is ordered, and will ensure compliance to court ordered curfews by means of telephone contact and/or home visits.

The Tracker will report directly to the SB-94 Program Manager contract services, and will meet with the Program Manager a minimum of one meeting per month to ensure contact compliance and resolve any problems that may arise as a result of the carrying out of the contract.