Building Information

Access Inside Corporate Limits of a City or Town

Contact the appropriate city or town.

Access/Address Information within Delta County

A Delta County Access Permit is required for all new driveways that access onto any Delta County Road.  Access permits are also required any time the use of the existing access is changed (i.e., agricultural to residential), and anytime the location of the access is moved.  Moving the location of the access may also cause the address for the property to be changed. The Access Permit application is available online.  See the Development Permit Fact Sheet for more information.

If your application requires a new road to be created, then you must select a road name using the Road Name Application.

Access onto a State or U.S. Highway

Colorado Department of Transportation
Engineering Division
2420 N. Townsend Ave.
Montrose, Colorado 81401

Boundary Adjustments

A boundary adjustment within Delta County is a simple process. You and your surveyor both need to fill out and sign the Boundary Adjustment Application and bring it along with a paper copy of your plat to the Planning Department. A County Planner will review the application and the plat to determine if your request is in compliance with the County Subdivision Regulations. After a County Planner has approved your application, the County Surveyor will need to review the plat for correctness. When your surveyor has finished the Mylar copy of the plat, return it, with the new deeds for each lot and with deeds for the exchange of property, to the Planning Office, and a County Planner will complete the process. The only fees collected are for the County Survey Review Fee ($120 fee) and recording fees for the plat and deeds. Recording fees will be established at plat submittal.

Building Permits

No building permits are required and no certificates of occupancy are issued for the construction and placement of any structures in the unincorporated area of Delta County. Any questions involving snow loads or other construction questions will have to be directed toward a registered professional engineer / contractor.

Colorado State Electrical Inspection

The unincorporated area of Delta County is under the Colorado State Electrical Board Inspection. Contact:
Michael Branham
1560 Broadway, Suite 1350
Denver, CO  80202
Office hours for questions and information: Weekdays 8-9 AM
State Electrical Permit Form(PDF file).

Colorado State Plumbing and Solar Thermal Inspection

The unincorporated area of Delta County is under the Colorado State Examining Board of Plumbers:
Alan Trickey
Gunnison, CO
303-869-3471 or toll free 855-470-4719
Office hours: In Delta on Tuesdays and Thursdays
State Plumbing Application Form (PDF)

Electric Service

Unincorporated Delta County:
Delta-Montrose Electric Association
Attn: Read Service
Austin, Colorado 81410

Fee Schedule

Schedule of fees for Planning Department applications/permits

Natural Gas Service

Black Hills Energy
580 Highway 92
Delta, Colorado 81416

Septic Systems

On-Site Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) Application for a new sewage disposal system can be downloaded or obtained from the Delta County Health Department. Please note that you are required to obtain the Access/Address Permit before obtaining the OWTS Permit. For more information, see the Development Permit Fact Sheet for more information.

If you are repairing an existing system, you may contact the Delta County Health Department. A list of septic systems installers, cleaners, and manufacturers in Delta County is also available online, as well as the OWTS Regulations.

Delta County Planning Department
501 Palmer St., Suite 115
Delta, Colorado 81416
Ken Nordstrom
Delta County Health Department
255 W 6th Street
Delta, Colorado 81416

Solar Installation

In the unincorporated areas of the County, no building permit is required for installation of solar energy systems serving residences or businesses, although State electrical and plumbing inspections are required as described on this page.  Additional information about solar energy system installations in both the unincorporated and incorporated areas of the County can be found on the County's Solar Energy page and on the Solarize Delta County website.

Specific Development

Any development of a commercial nature within the unincorporated area of Delta County is required to go through the Specific Development Process. The Specific Development Application can be downloaded or obtained from the Delta County Planning Department.

Subdivisions and Land Use

The Subdivision Application is required when any proposed land division is planned (minor, major or no-impact). For detailed information on subdividing land, please refer to the Subdivision Regulations (396 KB, PDF file), which cover the subdivision requirements. They also contain regulations for boundary adjustments.

A Preliminary Plat Application is required after sketch plan approval only if the conditions of your approval require you to have a preliminary plat. If you have any questions regarding the requirement for preliminary plat, please contact a county planner.

The Variance Application is used to request a variance on subdivision requirements.

A review of street plans for 35-acre plus subdivisions is required. Refer to the “35-Acre Plus” Street Plan Regulations (20 KB, PDF file) for more information.

Telephone Service

The unincorporated area of Delta County is divided into two providers:
Read area south and west contact US West at 1-800-244-1111
Read area north and east contact TDS Delta County Tele-Comm 970-527-4801,
or toll-free 1-800-563-0012

Water Well Permits

Colorado Division of Water Resources
1871 East Main Street
Montrose, Colorado 81401